What We Do

Since 2020, SAFE Communities Coalition & Action Fund has helped to launch nine Families for Vaccines chapters nationwide. Before we started our work, pro-vaccine advocacy largely fell to medical providers, vaccine manufacturers, lobbyists, scientists, and nonprofit staff. Though the vast majority of Americans immunize their children and support strong public health policies, we were outnumbered in every state house by anti-vaccine activists. As a result, legislators heard misinformation instead of facts, and the voices of the people most affected by vaccine policies were not heard or considered. 

SAFE is committed to building a national pro-vaccine movement by empowering parents and family members to speak up about the value and benefits of vaccines in our communities. Families for Vaccines chapters are grassroots networks of volunteers dedicated to advocating for public health and fact-based public policy and promoting immunizations for healthier kids and communities.

We currently have nine Families for Vaccines chapters working diligently to defeat dangerous legislation and promote healthier, safer communities. We’re monitoring legislation and developing relationships in many more states, and we’d love to talk to you about what’s possible in your area. Please visit our state chapter websites for more information about their priorities, current calls to action, and impact. 

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