What We Do

The SAFE Communities Coalition is a pair of organizations with a simple mandate:

  • Advocate for pro-science legislation
  • Elect pro-science candidates
  • Defeat anti-vaccination candidates

We harness broad resources to take on the anti-vaccination movement directly at every level of government, from local school boards to Congress, governors’ mansions, and more. The SAFE Communities Coalition is both an advocacy organization and an electoral committee that will make expenditures to support and oppose candidates.

SAFE Action Fund is our 501(c)(4). We build grassroots coalitions, advocate for legislation, and educate the public about our pro-science message. This entity partners with family foundations, individuals, and other donors to build as broad a pro-science community as possible in states across the country.

SAFE Communities Coalition is our 527. We are an independent expenditure-only political action committee. We support candidates who are pro-science and pro-vaccine.

We are hard at work in states across the country. Please reach out to connect about our current projects, questions, or if you’d like to know more.