SAFE Communities Coalition & Action Fund

SAFE is the nation’s first pro-vaccine political advocacy organization.

SAFE Communities Coalition supports pro-vaccine legislation and lawmakers. We empower everyday people, the often silent pro-vaccine majority, to advocate for health and safety alongside medical and public health professionals. As a 501c4 advocacy organization and a political action committee, SAFE is the only organized bipartisan political force opposing the anti-vaccine agenda in statehouses across the country. We were formed in 2020, before the pandemic, in response to growing concerns about targeted disinformation, high rates of vaccine hesitancy, and dangerous legislation putting us all at risk.

SAFE works closely with allies including healthcare providers, scientists, nonprofits, industry partners, advocates for children, and underserved populations to go the final mile in pro-vaccine advocacy. We recruit and train the pro-vaccine majority to stand on the shoulders of our allies, educating lawmakers about science and the imperative to protect public health. We are committed to stopping the anti-vaccine political movement and keeping our country safe from vaccine-preventable diseases.

We are hard at work developing, empowering, and helping to sustain Families for Vaccines chapters in states across the nation. Please reach out to connect about our current projects, questions, or if you’d like to know more.